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Customer Support

The ideal is that you should pay us to sit here in peace and quiet, and stare out the window contemplating the vastness of the universe - and maybe indulge in a little gentle isometric exercise to prevent atrophication. Because then all is well with our world (and yours), the indicators are all green, and the bytes are going and doing where and what they should.

However, when we sense a disturbance in the force, we aim to respond to problems as efficiently and swiftly as possible so we can revert to further contemplation of the meaning of infinity, before the phone rings off the hook.

If only the medical profession operated on the same basis, eh?

Viruses & Spyware

The internet is crawling with nasty things, just waiting for an opportunity to spoil your day. So when really odd things happen on your PC without any logical explanation - you may well be suffering from the effects of a virus or spyware. For detection and removal of viruses we suggest Microsoft's Security Basics for Windows users, (but we take no responsibility for any consequences). Commercially, we rate AVG Anti-Virus from GriSoft (a free version exists). For detection and removal of any spyware that may be troubling you, we suggest Spybot (free). The well- known brand names like McAfee and Norton seem to have managed to turn themselves into form or irritating virus that gets installed on every new laptop by the manufacturers; and then every time you log on, it tries to mug you for $50! We hate them.

Technical Support

If you are experiencing problems with email or accessing your website, please check our current status notes, then email us (if that's still working!) in the first instance at - or contact us using the web form, or by phone.

One reason that service providers in all industries now try and avoid "first line" phone contact is that it is necessary to gather customer details from a variety of sources - as well as establish that anyone asking for changes to services is actually entitled to do so.


Please email or contact by telephone.

General Questions

You may find the answer to your question by looking at the answers on our FAQ page.

Your Virtual Server - Click here to find instructions on how to upload files to your web space.
1.  Creating your site

To create your new web site, you can use any popular HTML editing tool, for example Microsoft FrontPage, Dreamweaver, or Allaire HomeSite (gosh, who remembers that?). All you have to remember is that your home page (i.e. the top most document) should have the special filename index.htm or index.php. The web server will then automatically display this page as the first document on your new site at the address:

  • (or simply "")
  • ( is optional)
  • ( is optional)
We suggest that you keep all filenames STRICTLY lowercase, and never use spaces. The will ensure compatibility across most computing platforms
2.  Getting ready to upload

Once you've created your pages, you'll need to copy them to the web server, a process known as "uploading". To do this, you'll need to install an FTP "client" application such as FTP Voyager or CuteFTP (use PASV transfer mode). The FTP functions in the simply wonderful Directory Opus Windows file manager are excellent.

  • The FTP connection settings for your USP account are shown below:
  • FTP Site: (also known as the "host")
  • User ID: myuserid
  • FTP Password: mypassword
3.  Connecting
When you first connect to the USP server, you'll see something like...

this is the root directory of the web server

Please do not alter the names or contents of the two existing folders which relate to site management issues (stats and webmail).


Once you've connected, simply "drag and drop" your files onto the server. All documents become available to the world the moment you finish uploading them. That's all there is to it!

Using the control panel to set up mail accounts - Click the Arrow to find instructions on how to send out emails with a different 'reply email address' to that which you are sending from.

The domain control panel is available using http://[yourdomain]/controlpanel. Your mailboxes and other site features such as stats can be managed through this interface - use the same username login as for FTP, but there will be a separate "Domain" password issued. This area should be self explanatory... it allows you to add mailboxes to your allocated maximum, control the redirections - which can include multiple "fan-out" to more than one recipient, and mail aliases

mail 1

Aliases are expecially useful as you can create unique alias addresses for "one time" use to sign up to services where you are not sure if you will be spammed. 

If you always sign up to online service with the your main address you are frankly, lumbered. You will have no way to trace where spam arises, and you cannot easily discard an address used for "serious" communication. But if sign up using aliases created for the purpose - eg " to" - then you can simply delete addresses that are being abused.

To see how to manae aliases, click on the Username above (bottom left of screen grab) and this diagloue will appear:

mail 2

The input checking will prevent you from entering invalid choices - but beware - if you add an email box for, say, john@[yourdomain] and you use the email address as the unsername (advised) then it is possible for you to delete john@[yourdomain] as a "landing point" so that no mail is actually sent to the mailbox of that address..

Using Webmail and Outlook - Click the Arrow to find instructions on how to view your email from a browser, or through your existing email client (Outlook, Eudora, etc).
To access email from any browser, please go to and - when prompted - enter the username and MAIL password that you have been supplied with by USP.        
Your default domain username will NOT also be an email address. It will be in the form ADMIN[yourdomain]

This username is aliased to a number important admin-related email addresses such as


You can add more aliases to ADMIN[yourdomain] - although it is better practise to keep the admin address for admin  related issues, and set up an additional mail box using an email address as the username, via the domain control panel.


How to collect email with a client such as Microsoft Outlook

There are various mail clients available, but all will use the same basic nomenclature and layout: a POP3 mail server requires a login amd password.

1.   Click on Tools and from the drop down menu select Accounts Settings...
2.   Click on the Add (or New) button 

A  box will appear...

outlook 1

Choose NEXT 

outlook 2

Your email server login and email address may not be the same. So this system does not support auto setup since that requires on the mailbox login being the same as the email address, and so you need to check the "Manually configure" box and then Next...


click Next>

outlook 4

Now follow your nose...

  • Enter your real name (ie John Smith) and email address - eg
  • Server information: POP3 (usually the default option)
  • Outgoing mail server is:
  • Incoming mail server is: 

   You will be asked for your User name and Password. Both of these will have been sent to you by USP, and are case sensitive
   Be sure that the option to Remember Password is ticked
  Test the account settings, and this should confirm that the information has been correctly entered.