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Broadband from a boutique service provider, not a faceless behemoth...

USP provides more choice and a more technical service; you can buy additional IP numbering; we can supply (and support) Zyxel routers with multi NAT and firewall features; and we also have access to an extensive user management system that provides accurate uptime, usage and performance details both realtime and histories. And a human answers the phone.

You probably already know that the VAST majority of UK DSL services are delivered over the same ancient BT Wholesale network copper infrastructure - just as your electricity comes across the same power grid, regardless of the name on your bill. Some providers "unbundle the local loop" which means that their feed into the exchange comes from their own network. There is nothing intrinsically better about this - it's just cheaper for the ISP. The customer "tail" is still at the mercy of BT, and the chances of a coherent response to problem reports is likely to end up with every part of the process blaming  each other; although in our experience 90% of problems that don't respond quickly to the usual "is it really plugged in?" analysis are due to issues with BT cables and connections.

Prices are Ex VAT; and we charge a setup fee because we offer 1 month minimum contract.
Note that you may now migrate from an existing ADSL service to USP at reduced cost - although bear in mind that you may be tied into a minimum 12 month contract with your existing provider.

ADSL Product Migrate New Setup Data/mnth*
Monthly Annual
USPDSL 30 £5 £40 30G 
£23 £252
USPDSL 60 £5 £40 60G
£34 £384
USPDSL 90 £5 £40 90G
£40 £460
Excess use

per 1G
**Rate adaptive ADSL

Microfilter * £10   User Install  

No NAT 8 IP addresses

No NAT 16 IP

    NA onetime cost




  • High performance connection with download speeds "up to" 20Mbps.
  • Up to 1Mbps upload speed
  • Options for full multi-user support - NAT or fully-routed configurations
  • Reassuringly expensive, UK based support
  • Easy swicthing from other DSL providers in as little as 5 days from order
  • Fixed monthly or annual fees, enabling you to budget your Internet costs more effectively

** The speed for most users is between 2 and 8MBit, depending on distance from exchange. We typically see 5-6MBit, but the network is enabled and ready to adopt 20mbit (WBC) as and where available.

*The monthly allowance is consumed between 08:00hrs and 00:00hrs Monday to Friday. Bandwidth usage outside of these times is uncharged.

However, these "tail" circuits are not all the same once they reach the local exchange, and BT is obliged by regulation to deliver the ADSL "tails" to other upstream connectivity providers who then route them through their own managed networks. Responsibility is thus shared between BT and the upstream service provider. This means that the first line response is a 24x7 service from the upstream service provider, although the elements that BT are responsible for may only be covered 9-5, weekdays and 3 day response.

USP's broadband services are provided using the UK's leading Business Internet suppliers, offering a comprehensive range of Internet products & services for companies and home users needing the best in Internet solutions. USP selects the best upstream service partnerships to complement the BT tail circuits, with Internet services provided via a resilient national network, with multiple backbone connections and peering arrangements via national peering centres. The performance of this infrastructure (from both a hosting perspective and dial-up) is consistently rated as one of the fastest, best supported and most reliable in the UK according to independent tests conducted by Internet Magazine and Server House (previously known as Zeus tests).

Acceptable Use Policy