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Privacy and "suitable content" - still a huge challenge

Please see these Youtube clips for some eye opening comment concerning online privacy. We believe that this state of affairs will lead to a resurgence in interest as individuals and companies realise that they need to develop their own ideas, identities and solutions that can exist independently outside these overbearing "global collectives".

Users' privacy is threatened on many fronts other than Google's relentless warehousing of information about anything willing to sign up to their all-knowing Ts&Cs. GDPR does not assure that this has been addressed.

UK government pronouncements on plans to automatically monitor internet users' access for "unsuitable content" have caused a storm of controversy in the communities of people who know that such worthy aims can actually only be achieved by the imposition of the sort of regimes that totalitarian states (inc China and many fundamentalist Moslem countries) try to enforce.

And whilst the idea of keeping kids from accessing bestiality web sites is undeniably worthy, keep in mind that the US government is accused of using intercept information for "political purposes". Also keep in mind that depravity is not the invention of the internet, and that the people who profited most from the period of alcohol prohibition in the USA were the gangsters and their corrupt politicians and law enforcers.

So these efforts are the thin end of a very big wedge. Worryingly, most UK ministers responsible for this aspec of the internet do not seem to understand the first thing about the issues they need to addresses

However, USP continues to monitor a number of practical initiatives planned in this area, based on many years of real experience working in the real online world.