DomainsResearch, Register, Manage
- also slogan/trade mark advice.
from £20 pa +VAT
           Web Systems:
Pad  Discuss, Design, Deliver
  Any budget from £500.
HostingPicFrom shared virtual servers to globally distributed dedicated clouds.

Customer Coaching

USP already provides a "boutique" service that includes far more direct customer contact and advice than is available from any of the services of the "gloabalised and corporatised" behemoths, driven via call centres and their "dial M to be driven completely mad" switchboards.

Did you know that Sony's European support service is controlled from a call centre in Cairo?

However, there are occasionally awkward moments when clients need what amounts to a comprehensive consultancy service, covering a range of topics that are not directly covered within the paid-for range of services being delivered.

If you've read this far, then you will appreciate that we are quite willing to express opinions and "confront issues".

Our wide circle of friends (and clients) includes similarly vastly experienced and opinionated folks who are willing to turn up for a modest fee, and pontificate on a wide range of subjects, sometimes inbcluding IT.

So please don't be afraid to ask; since we're not afraid to answer, and invoice!