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Animation & Interactive Site Design

The web is getting faster, bigger and ever more competitive; the emphasis on the speed and size of sites is becoming less of an issue as bandwidth improves, and the look and feel of the site is becoming more and more important. You don't need get stuck with a plan boring "formula" web design with boring copy, unless you a plain boring "formula" business.

With the latest in Flash, HTML5 and mpg4 video, you can bring your site to life with fully animated and interactive content. Give your visitors a time to remember: you only get one opportunity to make a first impression.

Some of the techniques we offer:

Adobe Flash

  • Fantastic visual effects tweening/fades and more

  • Fully interactive design and look

  • Google ranking for Flash Keywords/content

  • Flash Banners, movies animation

  • Mobile apps for Android Market

  • Streaming or download Video using flash codecs


  • Interactive Animation and navigation

  • Hard Coded Effects save on Download time

  • Muti-browser Compatibility

  • Full Mobile Compatibility

  • Mobile App design for Iphone/Android and Pads

3D Creation/Animation

  • Full Tweening effects and videos using 3d Imagery

  • 2D/3D shorts, cartoons, or product designs.

  • 3D interactive sites based on Flash/HTML5 and 3d Rendering

  • Full compressed streaming and downloads for speed.

  • Cartoon Style Or full realistic HD rendering available

HD - Images / Video

  • Advanced codecs for small file size and download/steaming.

  • Full Copyright available on purchased Video.

  • Full HD to lightweight portable Streaming of clips to full videos

  • Stream from Your own site, restrict access and copyright

  • Live streaming from location to Online community