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Welcome to USP Automated Renewals Options

On behalf of our customers we are obligated to send renewal reminders for all service listed on your account, upon registration of domains or services with USP Networks in regards to our terms and conditions.

By registering with USP Networks you agree to receive automated reminders for all services listed on your account. We aim to send a minimum of 2 reminders ranging for 30 days before renewal dates. In order to keep your services active and account active and without downtime. 

Please use the form below for one of the following reason:

  • If you are receiving emails for services which are no-longer active or your account is no-longer active.
  • If you wish to up-date your primary contact address for future renewals on your account.
  • If you wish to receive notifications in another form. 
  • If you are receiving emails which are not meant for you.

Note: Please re-frame when possible to use email address associated with the domain renewals in question, or supplying a back-up email address when possible. 

example: for renewals for