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Wireless Networking Reality

Just about every broadband connection now uses a router with WiFi support.

WiFi is not as fast and reliable as a cabled connection into a router or network switch; WiFi range in buildings is generally a lot less reliable than most users expect, and may be subject to interference from a variety of sources including DECT phones and microwave ovens.

If you plug in and it all "just works" then all well and good - but if it does not, then you may have to identify and deal with challenging setup issues that no Mumbai call centre will ever be able to solve. If you are stuck, then USP can generally suggest competent specialist installers.

WiFi signal levels can vary hugely within a few feet, and whilst this type of signal variability is not noticeable when web browsing or "doing email" which use intermittent burst of connectivity, it can be different when connecting to "real time" services such as voice and video.

Just as quoted broadband speeds as misleading, so WiFi speed specs are even more misleading. It is generally not possible for more than one WiFi connected laptop to watch 2Mbit streaming video reliably on a notional 54MBit connection.