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Starting life as Events Review in 2003 and then evolving as Meetings Review and latterly International Meetings Revuiew, this is a family of sophisticated online publishing systems, specifically pioneering the incorporating of professionally created and edited video to supplement industry news reporting.

Meetings: Review

Meetings Review is an online news and information resource for the international business meetings industry.

The underlying content management platform is written from "first principles" - and is not another example of an open source "bent to fit" template.  MR exploits USP's long experience and competence in complex content management schemes that provide the wide range of editorial and advertising facilities required by online publishers. 

The platfrom has "all teh usual" features for a publishing CMS, plus extensive user sign-up and management, user messaging and commenting, plus a fast site-wide search facility.

As pioneers of web video as far back as 1993, any site USP creates will be able to fully exploit video at  various levels - from a fully custom private server schemes that can include LIVE video and audio feeds. to YouTube links.

MR admin newsfeeds

The systems includes extensive user management and interaction with "comment per story" features, a fast site indexing system and comprehensive tracking.

The latest version of the system incorporates facilities to operate as a hub for multiple international partners that contribute to a global editions, 

The advert management and admin scheme enable publishers to manage all aspects of position, embargo times etc., as well as monitor click-throughs..

MR ad manager

Again we stress that this example is a guide - because we work from first principles, your implementation(s) can include anything you want at any level of the platform - user facing or backend. You want all this in Swahili? No problem.