If you have a problem viewing this as an embedded presentation, the original source file of this TouchCast can be found on the TouchCast server at:  
http://www.touchcast.com/ tctours/f1_redbull3 

Please use a laptop/desktop and the current version of the Chrome or Safari browser. All browser types are supported, but some are more TouchCast friendly than others at this point.

TouchCast does something that you will never have seen before. It uniquely puts live web content inside video, enabling video presentations to refer to and invoke almost any content on the internet. It does this in a way that keeps the viewer contained within the boundaries set by the video - they cannot surf away from the linked sites. These video applications or "Vapps" can also be extended by users who can custom-program using javascript.

TouchCast has been described as "doing for video what DTP did for print" - except that DTP gave the masses the existing tools of the repro trade at modest cost, and encouraged them to perform a wide range of design and typographic abominations. Whereas TouchCast adds a very specific new dimension to the creative process.