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Cloud Hosted Servers

Traditional VM - and now "dynamic on demand" Container servers

USP has been working with the UK's leading award winning cloud service provider - Elastic Hosts - for the past 4 years, and we have now migrated all customers and applications to the platform. With multiple centres in the UK, EU, US and elsewhere, the Elastic service provides global coverage for all Unix/windows requirements, with a unique ability to watch and interact with cold boot sequences from power up to login.

The endless versatility of this platform enables us to provide scalable bespoke and complex solutions for serious business applications on dedicated systems, and a wide range of budget priced hosting and storage solutions using shared virtual services.

  • Buy exactly the capacity you need, when you need it, by the hour or by monthly subscription.
  • Run Linux, Windows or any other OS and software
  • US, Netherlands, Canadian, HK, Australia and UK data centres
  • 100% SLA, 100x credits for any downtime
  • Cloud servers ideal for your task 
  • Instantly add cloud computing capacity for growth or peaks in demand.
  • Back up & disaster recovery
  • Low cost individual on-demand root servers for prototypes & demos
  • Cloud bursting - wind the cpu and memory capacity up and down in seconds

A key feature of this system is the ability to watch a complete system boot sequence from cold start to login screen, and continue to monitor the local console messages:

 Cold boot viewable