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TouchCast: prepare to be impressed

USP has been around a while – almost 30 years now in the software business and 20 years as internet information engineering specialists, so we have seen a lot, and it takes a lot to get us “excited” – but here is a “once in ten year” breakthrough event that changes everything. What you see here are video montage screens that are created and managed on an iPad using a free app, "in real time": 

“TouchCast does for video production what DTP did for photo setting and paste up”

TouchCast has the potential to change almost everything about information presentation, publishing, education and communication.  As with the arrival of DTP, some people will hate it because it will raise the bar yet again, and force people to learn the new skills and participate - or get left behind.

touchcast2.jpgNo web site without the type of interactive dynamic that TouchCast now makes simple, will be safe. Many early examples will be clunky and less than ideal; remember those DTP shockers to see how many fonts you could put on a page?

Many stalwart video professionals will complain about the ultimate degree of precision - just as photosetting pros once berated £2k laser printer output and insisted it could never take the place of a £30k compugraphic system. But remember all those viral YouTube clips are all about content, not the number of pixels, Surround Sound or the gamma adjustment.

That said, the video quality of TouchCast is full HD - check for yourself.

Touch the "Introducing TouchCast" link immediately below, and pop into the future... at this time you will need to be using a Chrome or Safari browser; but please note TouchCasts are simultaneously uploadable to YouTube as plain MP4 video.

USP and TouchCast

The work done by the BBC and RTE is showcasing the best aspects of TouchCast.

TouchCast provides what many creative web pioneers always wanted in terms of a fully interactive - almost immersive - "TV experience with hyperlinks".

USP is using TouchCast and exploring it on conjunction with long time collaborators in the media and video production industries. We are working out how to include it to spice up existing websites, and how to create entirely new web/video information delivery concepts.

As you can see, you can include pop-up touchcasts in your websites already, but as of right now (July/August 2013) these are formative times, and there is much more news on the way.

There will be paid-for elements within the complete development eco system, and additional services for corporates and institutional users that meet wide-ranging and specific requirements for security and privacy. Watch this space!

645-mk2.jpgThe Camera functions in an iPad are already impressively good — so getting good pictures for TouchCast is a breeze. And an app like 645-Mk2 unleashes all the potential-including a real-time ISO and shutter-speed readings, Ev, real-time GPS data and a choice of histograms. And many aspects of the interface can be customized, so you can—for example—configure the Shutter Release button to behave the way you want.