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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Why bother to put your web site online, if no one visits it?  

Trendy SEO begins with old-fashioned Branding  ...

Your company name and your online name have a direct impact on your web site. Having the correct domain name(s) can make all the difference to your ranking and brand recognition, (example if you’re looking for Nike shoes - no need to search) 

  • Domains affect the SEO results based upon word related content. Example: a search for toy shop, will give the domains,, a preferred starter ranking.
  • Obviously, your domain name needs to be as memorable as possible,  Unless you have a wonderfully generic descriptive name that will have to be used in all all the searches for a competitor - eg - It doesn't always make sense to use a name that describes what you do, since your competition will also benefit from all searches. 
  • Multiple domains that funnel traffic to your site can improve your SEO ranking. A blunderbus will hit more passing traffic than a rifle. Use misspelled domains to redirect to the main site: Microsoft was eventually obliged to obtain - God knows that cost!

SEO - Is the term used to describe how beguiling your web site appears to the robots that search engines send out looking for content to index. If you want to try and understand what works and what doesn't, then enter the generic terms that you would use when looking for your business, and see what comes at the top of the list. And then see if you can analyse why - it's rarely as obvious as you might think. 

The factors can be broken down into sections and sub sections, all of which can increase or decrease your score based on the search criteria (which can vary between different search engines).  

  • Navigation and sitemap affect how your URL's score and accessibility to content results
  • News feeds/ Updates are scored based on how often your site is updated and if it seems relevant
  • Meta Names/Tags/Descriptions are used to categorize your site content and relevance 
  • Linking (from other sites) is regarded as an indicator of how trusted and stable your site is perceived to be others, and this is mostly done through direct site links, adverts and social networking. 
  • Location may also be important - a business that claims to operate locally in every town in a country is at last being downgraded as implausible 

SEO: bottom line

1.  We will audit and prepare an action plan for your corporate web SEO. 
2.  Review competitive web sites for keywords and think through keywords.
3.  Write articles containing keywords.
4.  Yahoo Pipes – RSS Feed.
5.  Consultants Review: 
Cost from  £450.00  – Includes conclusions- with action items