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Security... an ongoing battle

Many corporate IT security issues are still "inside jobs". Direct fraud can be depressing easy with employees simply zipping up and emailing important data offsite - or grabbing data using USB sticks (or marginally more subtle device like the SD cards in phones and cameras). Other problems arise from the clumsy use of passwords and poorly configured firewalls that let the bad guys in with default passwords. One stock answer in many large organisations in the UK seems to be prevent as much Internet access as possible - including individual email - denying the many benefits of Internet access to most of the organisation. USP's security consultants are can examine and report on your detailed IT security issues, but this is a serious business, but the costs of a thorough corporate security audit are substantial.

USP's servers are all maintained up to date with the latest security patches, but as you will appreciate from the many reports of online security challenges experienced by the very largest organisations and users, we cannot realistically guarantee 100% resilience.

Thanks to the low cost of "root servers" in the Elastic cloud, any business that wants can now afford their own dedicated server(s), and avoid the potential problems of shared hosting - and be able to apply their own total security policies without reference to others. On shared servers, USP provides only FTP access to users to minimise the exposure of sensitive areas of systems.