DomainsResearch, Register, Manage
- also slogan/trade mark advice.
from £20 pa +VAT
           Web Systems:
Pad  Discuss, Design, Deliver
  Any budget from £500.
HostingPicFrom shared virtual servers to globally distributed dedicated clouds.

The "friends of USP" who advise and work with us in many different ways are a broadly based and eclectic bunch. This page will be gradually expanded as time permits.

With a wealth of pioneering internet experience starting back in the late eighties, USP is interested to get involved with online projects and ideas at startup and strategic levels, as well as the provision of design, technical and operational services. 

USP’s advisory team comprises a number of notable European internet entrepreneurs and pioneers including the founder of PIPEX, the first commercial internet business in Europe; BT’s former Chief Technology Officer, responsible for seeding the fibre optic revolution. 


We also number three of technology and marketing team that launched and steered Amstrad’s hi-tech products to runaway success in the 80s with seminal products like the PCW256 word processor, and the IBM PC compatible that outsold IBM's systems: the PC15/1612.

USP is one of the founding members (#25 of >>1000) of the UK’s national domain registration service, Nominet.

Our team’s covert security specialist is based in Washington and works for major organisations on both the technology and psychology of online intrusion – and our more visible security advisor until his untimely demise was the late Steve Gold, the editor of - and one of the most experienced telecoms and security writers and consultants in captivity.

Our advisory team is rounded off by an experienced FSA listed chartered accountant, who has lead the practical finance and administrative functions for various high tech businesses from start-up to flotation, involved in technology, telecom infrastructure and online payment systems.

Scott Cooper has many years hands-on experience of working as a project and programme manager with the IT engine rooms of large financial institutions, including global banks. Scott thus appreciates that corporate culture and process can trump common sense and best practice. But as ever, the customer is always right.