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- also slogan/trade mark advice.
from £20 pa +VAT
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Domain Names

Domain Name Registration ~ £40 for 2 years ex vat, .com, .net, .org as well as most other global and country-code domain names (please ask for a quote) Check availability and register a domain right Now - we pay all NIC fees and include...

    - inc e-mail forwarding (£20 value)
    - inc web forwarding (£20 value)

Domain Name Registration Transfer from £19.99 ex vat

In order to cover the costs of providing this service, we charging small fee for transferring a domain name. More Details here.

Pre-Registered Domains For Sale

Learn more about the business of domain name trading, and take a look at the list of premium domains that USP Networks has already registered for itself, and is now selling on (ie

Moving a Domain Name / Changing TAGs £25.00

Contact USP support.