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Serving you right

After 12 years without a significant update, we are relieved to be launching a new web site for ourselves at last in 2012. It's always going to be work in progress and will continue be developed steadily to fix the typos, and to expand the content.

One of our valued friends and partners kindly observed: "I love your opinionated approach". Yes indeed.. this site is an antidote to smiley and gushing corporate blather - and misleading offers with unfeasibly low headline prices.

We decided that USP was going to remain reassuringly expensive a long time ago, and thus be spared customers with badly managed expectations for their £1.99 a month. We have managed to avoid getting into the business of operating sheds full of now-worthless 24 month old servers, and switchboards jammed by irate customers, wondering why their email is 30 seconds late. Having observed (over many years) the studied indifference of BT towards customers that are thoughtless enough to be more than a couple of miles from their exchanges, we are quite relieved that we don't have to pass on their lies and indifference to a horde of disappointed users who wonder why they can't reliably achieve even a modest 2Mbit connection.

Feel free to tell us what you think, and please let us know if you would prefer a more detached, strait-laced and corporate presentation ... or some of the current fad for adolescent familiarity with copious smileys 8-) 

We prefer to save our energy and enthusiasm for performing IT magic and miracles with design, strategy and networks. So please keep us too busy to be able to launch a new website for another 12 years.